For a manufacturing company to have a Gorilla suit in its inventory is something that has helped our company get noticed in the world. I would say moreover, our “Culture” get noticed more than our company. After having several years of using a gorilla suit to set up some hidden camera “jack in the box” situations around our warehouse we have seem to have been noticed by the media. Some close to home and others as far away as Wall Street Journal!

Since our President & CEO, Mike Easton, started speaking at Lean manufacturing conferences in 2012 we started making waves in the manufacturing world.  He now speaks at many different conferences, from the Healthcare sector to Government sector, always toting a culture changing message that work can be fun and yet still professional. The feedback we are receiving tells us that people are getting inspired, feeling engaged, and wanting to know how to take what Argus has created and make it happen in their own workplaces.

We have coined the phrase “Serious Fun” and “welcome to the tribe” as some of our ways to communicate the message of how we live on the inside of Argus. Mike was talking at a conference a year or so ago and a business book author was sitting in at the back of his talk. He liked what he heard and was in the process of writing a new book. He wanted to interview Mike to capture some content and help bring our story to his readers. Well now the book it published and we are getting some more press with our case study he reported on in his book “The Humor Advantage” by Michael Kerr.

I would encourage you to read the book, or if you have a chance, go hear Mike Easton share his story of how the Argus Tribal Culture came to be. We love to share and help you take what you can from us to make your world more fun!