July 19th Webinar – Follow up

Hi All, I wanted to share the results of yesterday’s webinar The Shop Floor: Practical Solutions to Achieving and Sustaining Excellence in Manufacturing. Registration was quite strong for this webinar despite the fact that it is July and many people are on vacation. Webinar Results: … read more

How to transform your business the Japanese way

When Michael Easton took over TerraCab, a tractor products manufacturer in Morden, Man., last fall, one of the first things he encountered was a parking lot full of tractor cabs, just sitting there. What, he asked himself, was this all about? Read more at


For a manufacturing company to have a Gorilla suit in its inventory is something that has helped our company get noticed in the world. I would say moreover, our “Culture” get noticed more than our company. After having several years of using a gorilla suit … read more